The typical laptop draws only .5 amps of power which is a fraction of the power one circuit can provide. In most cases, a circuit generally supply 20 amps of power. One circuit could potentially support the draw of up to 40 laptops -if there were enough outlets avaiable to do so.

The problem is finding 40 outlets in one room.

By using ePowerTower you can resolve this conundrum by safely supplying power to 35 outlets (35 laptops @ .5 amps = 17.5 amps)from one circuit. Even with 35 laptops on the circuit, there is still enough headroom left on the circuit to power additional equipment.

Find a free wall outlet, plug in the ePowerTower and you've created 35 surge protected power outlets that can be safely used by students.

In a classroom of 100 students, three wall outlets and three ePowerTower carts are all that is necessary to start providing power to the student laptops.