ePowerTower was created by the Chief Technology Officer at a law school in downtown Chicago. The idea was prompted by disgruntled students demanding better service from their school. While schools can provide students with wireless internet access, they cannot provide wireless power distribution.

Students often found themselves rushing to class to get the “best seats” near power outlets. Those who got one of these seats could use their laptops; those who didn’t found themselves running out of power midway through class.

Tuitions have become more and more expensive and this school was obligated to find a way to better service their customers, the students.

The introduction of ePowerTower carts to classrooms in this law school solved the problem and made both students and the administration happy. No doubt this same scenario occurs at countless schools throughout the country.

ePowerTower successfully provided the administraton a cost-effective way to resolve the student demands for more power outlets in a classroom. ePowerTower was so successful in providing a solution that there are now 17 ePowerTower carts in use at the law school.